LAS History

A piece of L.A.S. History, Award Winners for the 1967 – 1968 Season!

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…40 years on! Recognize anyone? (As viewed from left to right.)

Cyril Pettit (Chairman), Alan Boorman, Mick Cullen, Tony Spall, John Marchant,
Dick Machezer, Mrs. Gibson, Sid Flood (Hon. Sec.), Peter Rawlins, Mrs. Webb, Paul Weise, Brian Holloway, Bert Beech, Bob Turner & Percy Webb.

(Those names highlighted are still members today! Alas there are some others that are no longer with us.)


Match Trophies

For the information of all visitors, here is a list of the Awards & Trophies held by this society. These are presented to the winners at the Annual General Meeting, being held by them for the ensuing year. The Linton Angling Society wishes to extend its thanks to the members, past & present, which so generously donated these trophies during the years 1946 - 2006

The Latest in a long Line of Linton's Trophies
"The Doug Daw Memorial Carp Cup"


2012 Trophy Winners

2012 Trophy Holders (to view photo's and past winners click on trophy names)

Trophy Presented for Winner Results

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1. Premier Cup* Overall points winner. B. Andrews 112 points
2. Runner Up Cup* 2nd Place in Comps. D. Brown 111 “
3. Shield 3rd Place in Comps. K. Hunter 102 “
4. Rowland Cup 4th Place in Comps. A. Young/
R. Cheeseman
100 ”
5. Summer Shield* Summer Comp. Winner. B. Andrews 44 ”
6. Winter Cup* Winter Comp. Winner. D. Brown /K. Hunter 48 ”
7. Flood Trophy* K.O. Winner. K. Hunter 48 lb.5 ozs.
8. Replica K.O. Runner Up. D. Brown 34 lb.0 ozs.
9. Bobel Memorial Christmas Comp. Winner. K. Hunter . 10 lb.10 ozs
10. Chatfield Cup Best Aggregate weight. T. Spall 113 lb.15 ozs.
11. Webb Trophy Best weight in Comp. T. Spall 67 lb.10 ozs.
12. Rowland Memorial  Best Roach weight (in single Comp.) B.Andrews 17 lb. 3 ozs
13. Wooden Spoon Most Points without any Trophy. C. McKinnon 97 points
14. S. Flood Memorial* Roach only Comp. J. Noyce 10 lb. 5 ozs.
15. Challenge Shield Best Specimen fish in Comp. S. Wells 2 lb.8 ozs. Crucian
16. Bull Cup Best Tench. D. Brown 5 lb. 7 ozs.
17. Presidents Cup Best Carp. M. Worrall 18 lb. 4 ozs.
18. Hocking Cup Best Bream. D. Brown 6 lb. 1ozs.
19. Avery Shield Best Chub. C. Wood. 7 ozs
20. Linton Cup Best Roach. R. Cheeseman 1 lb. 2 ozs.
21. Tankard 2nd best Roach. A. Denyer 15 ozs.
22. Yates Cup Best Rudd. N/A -
23. Pettitt Cup Best Dace.   N/A -
24. S. Hope Cup Best Perch. D. Brown 2 lb. 10 ozs.
25. Hope Cup 2nd best Perch. T. Burton 1 lb.0 ozs.
26. Bowles Trophy Best Pike. K. Hunter 16 lb. 10 ozs.
27. Mrs Webb Trophy Best Gudgeon. N/A
28. Doug Daw Memorial . Carp Match* P. James 60 lb. 7 ozs.
29. Linton Summer Carp Match. C. Knowler 54 lb. 6 ozs.
30. Booth Memorial Cup Tri-match Winners. P. Blake 15 lb.3 ozs.
31. Linton Trophy* Summer Evening Comp. Winner. R. Lesson 34 points
Outside Competition
32. Mrs Webb Memorial Best Specimen Carp Alan Clarke 21 lb. 0 ozs.
33. Bartholomew Trophy “ “ Roach Fred Graham 1 lb. 6ozs
34. Allen Cup “ “ Perch Fred Graham 3 lb. 11 ozs.
35. Ian Wood Trophy “ “Pike Fred Graham 14lb.3 ozs
36. Anniversary Cup “ “ Tench Evan Burdett 5 lb. 9 ozs.
37. Mrs Flood Memorial “Chub Fred Graham 4 lb.6 ozs
38. Pay Shield “ “ Dace N/A -
39. Colville Cup “ Bream Evan Burdett 6 lb.0 ozs
40. Brian Jenner Memorial Trophy* (Various) Evan Burdett -

(Best performance by a junior member)


This year there is NO applicants (N/A) for 1 ‘Outside Competition’ & 3 ‘In Competitions’ awards.

Best specimen fish awards in competition. This applies to ALL matches where Linton AS is involved.

A full list & history of LAS Trophies is available on the web site, in the year book or on request.

A detailed “breakdown sheet” of all the Match Competitors points is available on the web site or in the year book.

As of 2010 Winners will no longer retain the trophy for the year, this is because problems in getting some of them back in time for the AGM, one or two still go missing; a number are old & in urgent need of repair. The high costs of repairs & having all our Trophies engraved also running out of space on the plaques.

*Replica Trophies are only presented for awards marked with asterisk.

To enter a specimen fish for an award you require an adult witnesses (LAS members only at Linton Park Lake),

Photograph, if possible & send it to the Secretary, Chris Knowler within 14 days of capture.

When reporting any catch in the press, the venue should be stated only as a “Linton Water”.

Download a pdf of these results


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