Dear LAS & MPAS Members

May we take this opportunity in welcoming you to another season with the Linton Angling Society. A brief report on…

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING: This was held at the East Farleigh Social Club on Friday 1st February 2011. It was attended by 40 members,
Our Chairman, Tony Spall opened the meeting at 8.00pm. There being three apologies of absence that of Mick Cullen, Pau Stevens & Kevin Hunter.
The minutes of the 2012 AGM were then read by Barry Andrews our Assistant Secretary. There were no matters arising.
Chairman’s Report: Our Chairman read the report with update on the fishing at our various waters.
Still Waters: In general these have fished very well indeed; unfortunately once again the ‘Hall of Fame’ gives you the wrong impression, a distinct lack of contributors last season! Despite this the still waters have produced very well at times with quite a number of good Carp from 20’s up to over 30lbs.
Stallance has fished very well with excellent catches of Carp, Roach & some big Perch. Toke also had some good catches of Bream & Tench, with one or two large Perch to 4 lbs & Roach to 2½ lbs.  At Linton Bream to 8½. Perch to 3½. Eels up to 5lb with some excellent bags of Bream (75lbs); the Jack Pike provided good sport at Manor. Carp off the top & mid water during the early summer months was particularly productive at Staplehurst.
River Medway Excellent fishing at times, especially during the summer early morning & at dusk with some really good mixed bags; the odd good catches of Bream. Hemp & tares produced some excellent catches of Roach plus a nice double figure Barbel. The Carp boys have had some good fish this year; tend to keep quiet about them though. Pike - Autumn/Winter had produced some good fish.
River Beult: The section on the River Beult at Cross-at-Hand & Hunton had provide excellent fishing in the early season, with the lack of duckweed & colour to the water it produced some very good bags of Roach, Tench & Bream & Carp.
River Teise. There is good fishing to be had for those who are prepared to ‘walk & stalk’, it does get overgrown in summer & requires a bit of effort in making a swim. Again reports of good Chub, Roach, Perch coming out.
He went on to talk about maintenance of our waters, introduction of the new carp stock in Manor, planned maintenance, future plans also the bailiffs report, parking & litter problems.
Water changes: We have decided to drop the Bow Bridge section of the Medway, there were a number of problems. We have the Royal Military Canal back on our books at a very reasonable rent. Maps have been sent to members. We have renegotiated the lease fees for the River Teise.
Treasurers Report: The accounts & report on last year figures was presented & read out by Chris Knowler. There was an excess of expenditure over income, this was expected because of the higher stocking & rent costs. He went on to give a full breakdown of income & expenditure. Despite the recession there had been a 6% rise in Membership from last year which was good news, he pointed the reasons why it was important that we maintain or even increase membership & cut expenditure where we can, we would then be able to plough monies back into stock & improvements.
Elections: Alan Clark, Colin McKinnon, Martin Worrell, Paul Stevens, Paul Stolton & Alan Denyer were voted back onto the committee.
There were no New Directive or rule changes.
Any other Business: The following points were raised: Planned swim improvements, guest permits at LPL, bailiffing & match costs.
The “Football Card Raffle” was won by Kevin Jenner.
Trophy Presentation: Barry presented the 2012 trophies. Congratulation to him for winning the Premier League title & Summer league, Don Brown &
Kevin Hunter for the Winter league & again Kevin for the hard fought Knock Out series.
The AGM was closed at 9.30pm.

Linton Park Lake: We will be allowing guest permits there; normal rate of £10 a day plus the extra £5 for night fishing like normal members have to pay, so that’s £15 for a 24 hour ticket. JASON TUCKEY is still looking after the night permits. Tel: 07983-569220
WARNING: We will be keeping a strict eye on this, any rule breaking or not having the relevant ticket & the responsible member will be suspended!

COMPULSARY WORKING PARTIES for 2013: As last year we are requesting that ALL applicable *members attend at least one working party. Attendance for 2012 wasn’t very good with only 40 members actually attending.
We do need all the help we can get! *Juniors, Life, Senior Citizens, Disabled & MPAS members are exempt, but are most welcome to join in.

PARKING: PLEASE THINK BEFORE YOU PARK! If you do have to park in Wheelers Lane please park your vehicle sensibly; don’t block tracks, drives or entrances. We prefer that you use the proper car park. On match days we do have a special concession at LPL to drive over & park by the fence.
Stallance Reservoirs: ALL members must park in the improved car park. Under NO circumstances drive round the bank at the top of the Reservoir & park in your swim, any member found doing so will be asked to leave the venue immediately
River Medway: Wateringbury Section: there are now TWO parking areas, beginning & end of first field, access ONLY along track BY the river bank.
 We are in discussions with the owners about having an third parking area at the end of the second field, summer use only, we will keep you informed.

COMPETITIONS & EVENTS: The matches will still run on a calendar year basis. Barry has included some 23 comps over the season so plenty for all, Details & dates of these are as listed on your new membership cards & on the web site.
PLEASE NOTE: Due to adverse conditions (Duckweed) on the River Beult & possible low water at Staplehurst & Stallance reservoirs please ring:
Barry Andrews - 01622-858722 or 07870-227723 to confirm venue prior to a match.

DATE CORRECTION: On your membership cards the Summer League Match No: 3 at Staplehurst Res. is to be held on Sunday 7th July 2013.

TICKET EXCHANGE: We will no longer be operating the “Ticket exchange system” with our friends at Maidstone Victory AS. It was all a bit one sided with hardly any of our members ever taking up the offer. A lot of you are members of both clubs anyway!  

L.A.S. CLOTHING: There are the new style hooded jackets some Fleece ones, Tee shirts & hats that are available at the SALE prices; See the web site for details.

WEB SITE & MONTHLY RAFFLE: Please send in more of your Linton fishing photos, despite excellent catches last year there was a distinct lack of them! The Forum Pages continues to be a great success, please participate also if you have anything you want to sell you can advertise in the sales section. The more raffle entries we receive the bigger the prizes!  ANYONE can join ANYTIME & have as many entries as they like.

Here’s wishing you all tight lines & wet nets for this forthcoming season.

Tony Spall

Chairman - for & on behalf of LAS Officers & Committee                                                                                1st April 2013

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