Senior Section Competition

"The Points System & how it's calculated"

The Linton competitions are run on a SECTION BASIS. The size of these is dependant on the number of entrants. The top weight in EACH section gets 10 points, second highest weight gets 9 points & so on.
If you catch a fish you are guaranteed points. No fish, you still get a point for entering. Sections are run as separate mini matches between the anglers in that section. However the 1st, 2nd & 3rd overall match top weight winners are awarded separate points. i.e. 1st place receives 13 points, 2nd place has 12 points & 3rd has 11 points.

These are the only points a competing angler will receive in that section. We have found that this works out a more fairer & enjoyable way to fish the matches. One section could contain a lot of fish producing high weight catches but another section could contain few fish & low weights, these anglers will realise they cannot compete with the productive section but they can gain valuable points from their section if they catch.

Confused?... Below is an Example.

Section: Peg No : Name: Weight: Positions: Points:
A. 1 Alpha 25 lb. 10ozs. 1st 13
A. 2 Bravo 20 lb. 14 ozs. 2nd 12
A. 3 Charlie 10 lb. 12 ozs. - 8
A. 4 Delta 8 lb. 8 ozs. - 7
B. 5 Echo 9 lb. 8 ozs. 3rd 11
B. 6 Foxtrot 7 lb. 4 ozs. - 9
B. 7 Gulf 6 lb. 9 ozs. - 8
B. 8 Hotel 5 lb. 7 ozs. - 7
C. 9 India 12 ozs. - 8
C. 10 Juliet 14 ozs. - 9
C. 11 Kilo 1 lb. 3 ozs. - 10
C. 12 Lima 0 ozs. - 1

I hope this explains the system more clearly, as you can see it is fairer for all. This way it is more difficult for the top anglers to run away with the League as you can gain the same number of points with less weight.

Final results:
If at the end of the match year there is a point’s tie for the overall category winner
It will be deemed that that position shall go to the competitor with the highest aggregate overall weight in that particular category (i.e. Overall League, Summer or Winter)

Mark Chapman (Match Secretary)